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What is a Sales Funnel? How do I Make One?

When I first set out to come up with a system for training new salespeople, I was talking to a friend about sales funnels.  It came up that you have to have an effective funnel so you can attract and convert new customers.  You also want them to come back because it is more profitable to keep a customer than get a new one.  I told him most of the new people wouldn’t know what a sales funnel is and that I needed to start with the basic steps to selling.  Finishing that part of the training, it is time to introduce them to what a sales funnel is and how they can make one.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel represents the path people go through to become a customer.  It is a way of measuring your efforts, seeing opportunities, and fixing problems that make people leave.  You can see where your future money comes from and when you should get it.  Just like a funnel is wide at the top, so is your sales funnel.  This is the entry point where customers begin their journey and you catch their attention.  The people you attract are your leads.

sales-funnel Once you attract their attention your sales process begins,  it is where you learn  who has the best chance of buying.  These are the people you want your sales team to work on. As your sales funnel develops and filters customers through the funnel, they become fewer and more targeted.  You can start offering them products and services and keep moving them down the funnel.

Some of your leads convert into prospects and may become buyers.  Now you know what they need and can offer them solutions to their problems. Going through your funnel lets you find those who are not interested in your offer so you don’t waste time on them.  Finally, as they are leaving your funnel your prospects have become your customers.  You are left with the fewest committed customers.  They are now buyers and will purchase most everything you offer and get the most value from your knowledge.

To increase conversions you need to establish your lead gen tactics like your landing pages, and follow-up emails, but you want to know how to make a sales funnel.


What you need to make one!

Before you get started you need to have a tool in place so you can create your online sales funnel.  You are going to need a website, a landing page, front end offer, a upsell, a down sell, and email automation.

  1. Your website is the face of your business and you need one so you have a home for the pages you need to make.
  2. Your landing page needs to look great so you can encourage people to sign up for your offer.
  3. A front-end offer is usually a high-value training with a low price point.  You are pre-selling the people who buy your front-end offer for your upsell.
  4. Your upsell costs more; it is the best solution to your front-end offer and it has more valuable benefits.  Some people won’t buy your upsell so you offer them a down sell.
  5. Your down sell is a better solution to the front-end offer but not as good as the upsell.  It is a way for customers who don’t want the better upgrade  to get more value at a cheaper option so you can keep all your customers happy.
  6. Finally, you want to add email automation so you can follow up with your customers.  Email is a great way to keep track and follow up with your customers so you can send the right message when you want it sent.



Summing it upcustomer journey on a sales funnel

All online marketers use sales funnels in their businesses, so should you.  Your chance for success without creating and setting up proper sales funnels is slim to none.  When setting your funnel up remember that the top of the funnel is the entry point where the greatest amount of people enter and the bottom of your funnel or buyers is the smallest number.  Now that you know what you need to do let’s see how an online sales funnel looks like.







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By:  Moraima Buonafede


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